City Fine Dining

The Chairman's Club

Steeped in City history, this is the prestigious inner sanctum. A sophisticated attention to detail runs throughout and the five-course fine dining experience caters for those with a discerning palette.

Champagne and canapés on arrival
Complimentary bar (beer, wine, and soft drinks)
Complimentary matchday programme and VIP parking
Five-course fine dining experience
Networking area
Heated, padded half-way line seats

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In The Chairman’s Club there’s a real sense of being part of the City’s fabric and amongst those who shape and plan the club’s progress. A sophisticated attention to detail runs throughout. Service, as you’d expect, is exemplary, with every need anticipated and taken care of. The five-course fine dining experience caters for those with a discerning palette and an appreciation of the finer details.

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Matchday schedule based on a 15:00 kick-off


Hospitality opens

Arrive and enter via The Colin Bell Stand Reception where hostesses will welcome you.

Indulge in five-course fine dining with complimentary house beers, wines & soft drinks served to your table.


Kick off


Half time

Pre-ordered drinks will be ready on your table, along with a selection of premium snacks.


Second half


Full time refreshments

Watch post-match interviews live and video highlights in the suite.

Listen to post-match insights from first team Performance Analysts.


Hospitality closes


Sample menu



Shetland oak-smoked salmon
Chicken and Armagnac-cured duck terrine
Best of heirloom tomatoes



Rump of Herdwick lamb
English apricot and sage-stuffed pork
Roasted squash rotolo
Crispy-skinned sustainable smoked cod




Chocolate and salted caramel tart
Brown-butter lemon curd
Creamy panna cotta



Warm spice drop scone, crispy bacon, maple syrup and clotted cream
Cheese board


Tea, coffee and macaroons on request, whenever desired