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Manager's Corner

Welcome to Manager's Corner. A place to enjoy authentic Mediterranean food and drink in a casual, social setting inspired by City's great managers.

Complimentary matchday programme and VIP parking
Selection of premium bar food and drink to purchase
Relaxed and comfortable surroundings

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Welcome to Manager's Corner, a place to enjoy authentic Mediterranean food and drink in a casual, social setting inspired by City's great managers.

The line-up includes pizzas from the pizza over, charcuterie small plates, plus regularly changing wines and craft ales. 

From interiors to service, everything has been strategically organised into a winning formation for a memorable matchday. 


Matchday schedule based on a 15:00 kick-off


Hospitality opens

Arrive and enter via the West Stand, where a matchday hostess will greet you.

Table service available to purchase food & drinks.




Half time

Table service available to purchase food & drinks.


Second half


Full time

Table service available to purchase food & drinks.


Hospitality closes


Sample menu


Small Bites

Almonds - Roasted & smoked (vg)(gf) £3

Kabanos - Cobble Lane Cured (gf) £4

Olives - House marinated in garlic & market herbs (vg) (gf) £3

Muhammara - Fire roasted red pepper & walnut dip, rosemary & garlic focaccia, EVO (vg) £4

'Boquerones' - White Anchovies (gf) £4

'Pan Catalan' - Sourdough Bread, Tomato & Olive Oil (vg) £5


Platos Pequenos

Burrata - Cream filled mozzerella, wild ruccola balsamic tomatoes, green olive tapenade (v) £7

Berenjenas Al Horno - baked aubergine, smoked Scarmorze cheese, tomato, garlic & basil sauce, honey (v) £7

Gambas Al Ajilo - Peeled king prawns, Pardon peppers, garlic, coriander, Arbequina extra virgin olive oil £8

English Nduja - baked spicy soft salami, pickled walnuts, endive, lemon pangritata £8


The Pizza Oven

Catalan - Tomato, mozzarella, tuna, anchovies, king prawn, Pardon peppers, market herb EVO £14

The Perfect Foundation - Tomato, buffalo mozarella, basil, pesto, parmesan (v) £10

The Keegan Way - Spinach, tenderstem broccoli, parsley & basil pesto, artichoke, vegan mozzarella (vg) £12

The Orchestrated - Yorkshire cured ham hock, tomato, red onion marmalade, buffalo mozzarella, roasted red pepper & walnut pesto £12

The Mancini - Black truffle, mascarpone, porcini mushrooms, smoked Scarmorze (v) £16

A Team Effort - Gian 20 x 13-inch square pizza! MCFC Quattro Stagioni served 4 to 6 fans £28


Sharing Deli Boards for two - £16                                              Choice of 2 meats & 2 cheeses, olives, muhammara, balsamic onions, EVO & focaccia


Salchichon Iberico - Iberico is the finest pork in the world. It comes from Iberico pigs that live their lives wandering outdoors eating grasses and herbs and sleeping under the stars

British Spianata - This variation of an Italian classic with lovely jowl fat uses sweet Hungarian paprika, and three varieties of fragrant mild chillies - Aji Amarillo, Aleppo & Brazilian

N1 Sopperesata - A large, fresh flavoured paprika salami with a course of minced creamy fat and leg meat

Wagyu Beef Salami - All-beef salami, using Wagyu to increase fat content along with British traditional breeds & complemented with a blend of warm spices - cinnamon, nutmeg & cloves. We hang this salami for 4 weeks to retain moisture and a supple texture

Vega De Llos Picos de Europa Valdeon Cheese - The most famous Spanish blue cheese from Valdeon in the Picos de Europa. A strong aroma and potent flavour make this one of the world's classic blue cheeses. Vega de Llos Valdeon cheese has an intense flavour,  slightly lactic, salty, piquant and a little spicy-hot. It has a caramelised aroma and buttery texture that melts in the mouth. The beaten cheese has the same aroma and flavour but the texture is creamy, becoming more so as the temperature rises

Scarmorza Cheese - Made from pasteurised cow's milk, the process of ripening the cheese has given Scarmorza its name, which in Southern Italy means 'beheaded', the smoky flavour of Scarmorza pairs well with oak-aged Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio or Orvieto

Taleggio - This cheese has been granted a PDO designation, the cheese has a strong smell but its taste is relatively mild with a fruity tang, pairing well with traditional method sparkling wine


Half Time                                                                                             Ordered before kick-off, to be served at your table at half-time

Salamella - Classic Italian Football Snack: Pork & fennel sausage, soft roll, caramelised paprika onions £6

The Perfect Foundation - Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, MCFC grown basil pesto, parmesan (v) £10

Sharing Deli Board for Two - British Spianata, Wagyu Beef Salami, Dolcelatte & Talleggio served with olives muhammara, balsamic onions, EVO & focaccia £19

Classic Tiramisu (v) £7

Cheese & baked Focaccia - Cheese of the match, apple chutney, pickled grapes, celery (v) £10


Specials Board

Special of the match offering new dishes focused on seasonality and interactive feedback, additional charcuterie giving us the option to add bespoke cured meats plus local Cheese & makers-information on provenance & method



Chocolate & cinnamon Pizza - Walnuts, black cherries (v) £8

Classic Tiramisu (v) £7

Cheese of the match, baked Focaccia - apple chutney, pickled grapes, celery (v) £8




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